Entropy is a Melbourne born and bred Hip Hop artist. Cutting his teeth with the EP 'System Architect', he emerged onto the scene as a lyrical emcee.

With his latest release 'Ornament', Entropy has shown that he has graduated his style to define a flow that not only encompasses a unique delivery; but also deep lyrical undertones that ask the listener to question the topics described.

"What can I say, Entropy is a Melbourne Hip-Hop artist that truly has to be seen in performance for full effect. He is as much ambitious off-stage as he is on-stage, with a lyrical steadiness that puts his music above the average performer." - Stevo on Radio

Ornament is a full length LP that features Australian artists: Elf Tranzporter, Mikoen & One Sixth.

Released on vinyl September 11th 2016, the album will also be available for digital download.

The topics tackled on Ornament include The 9/11 Conspiracy, The Sydney Siege & Australia's Convict History.

Forging a name among Melbourne open mic nights for his freestyle abilities, Entropy has shared the stage with the likes of Pegz & R.A The Rugged Man.


'Remain strong, always true to your element. If you discriminate based on melanin, you've slowed development' - Entropy



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Available now on Vinyl & Digital

Vinyl is very limited and comes with a full digital download code included in the sleeve

Any ordering issues email [email protected]