I'm an Ornament
Ordered to destroy and just slaughter them
Cornering dormant emcees
And then deporting them
Ya know I'm warning them
Don't front you aint a fortress
The only time ya hard's your onset of rigor mortis
I contorted this shit
Like the scripts that I'm penning
And certifying like pharmacists flicking the pen again
Original denizen, forged to veteran
I leave the rest of the competition hanging like pendulums
So now they're swinging
Under their breath they're thinking
Wishing they were a part of this movement here
To get'em winning
But it's a fact of life
Ya know it's true in this game
Not everyone that has a voice
Has got something to say
So when I press it out, I stress the truth
I challenge any mother fucker to say that I don't say what I do
I'll even pay for the booth
If you cats have got the balls to spit it
The real force to be reckoned with's
Here to fucking kick it


Now this Ornament's back
Smack you with immaculate tact
And pack syllables into this bag, as if they're Ironlaks
Heart of a lion tracks
Slightly slimmer Gina Rinehart without the sign on my back
I'm mining iron rap
So down to brass tacks
This lyric mechanic's savage
I turn the competition to ashes like a Copperfield vanish
To my advantage
I've got a Han Solo slash Marlon Brando flow
Challenge the status quo
That's the course of the scripture
The force that I'm spitting
Would steady merc Freddy Mercury's Ritalin
Convert dribble to dividends
Vigilant synonyms
The shit I spit's sweet
You'll reach for the insulin
Coincidence? Fuck no!
My word is bond
This militant all along, spat the same structure of song
Remain strong, always true to your element
If you discriminate based on melanin, you've slowed development




8:46 and a half the time narrows
Defined arrows of wires detonate these long shadows
Look the world in the eye, tell'em you had no clue
You booked ya fall guy a flight before you bent the truth
We lose ourselves in the raw emotion of it
It's easy to spit at these enemies the media picks
Immediately silence all the disobedient cliques
To pave the way for Military Industrial Complex
Fuck it. Just let it sink in
Notice discrepancies in the gaps between the blinking
How they successfully influenced the way you're thinking
All this to start a war for oil, my heart is sinking
The Devil's in the details
You've slipped up and derailed
World Trade Seven up in smoke like chemtrails
Twenty three minutes prior to when it set sail
Backdrop Manhattan to Staten Island, don't inhale
Because you're breathing lies
Witness the thieving heights
Lengths that people go to
They're sabotaging your human rights
All hope is severed see
When your true enemy's
A father to son
Handing down his terror legacy

They didn't fall for me
They didn't fall for you
They fell for the lies
We're falling for the truth
So read between the lines
And find the real proof
Wrapped up in broken dreams
And hang'em with a fucking noose

You ask why I've written it
Why I commit to it
Upholding the truth
Cuz the current is illegitimate
We use a prism to separate all the bullshit
And shed some light onto this world, where all the fools sit
Just take a look at the ones that paint the canvas
Unburnt passports, while flight recorders vanish
Insider trading, put options feed the savages
Financial benefits, that profit from the damages
And now amidst the truth
There sits a harder proof
Curiosity is the elephant in the fucking room
Ten thousand miles away in Melbourne I would hear'em say
Why would this Ornament concern himself with USA?
Well I'll make this very clear
Whether it is far or near
Pain and loss it propagates
The War on Terror finds us here
And it's the fear that feeds it
My candour turns to slander
Occupy your mind
With something other than the propaganda


FACE DOWN ft. Mikoen


Ya drowning in this place now
Face down
In this over saturated wasteland

VERSE (Mikoen)
I flow in my sleep like bed wetters
And keep the heads guessing
Razor sharp clever, raise the bar like I'm bench pressing
Play ya part brethren
Aint lasting ten seconds up against this
Disrespect and get ya neck severed
Next level specialist
Best to get stepping
Vendetta, nah we got it covered like French Dressing
Trend setters getting sliced up like fresh cheddar
Dead set
Best shit you've written was a text message
Penning venom, every letter is a deadly weapon
Just a second in my presence got you feeling threatened
Like a rich kid
Walking round my hood in fresh kicks
Check this
Another sucker with a death wish
Guest list tricks on all four for the industry
Puppet prostitutes and skinny jeans fucking witness me
Drop it like a guillotine
Hijack ya limousine
Rock up at the ARIA's
And murder urban nominees


VERSE (Entropy)
Fuck all these carbon copies
The flow drops monotonous
Blood clots aint stopping this
But it's the only popping bitch
I'm indiscriminate
Spit shit like militant
Fatigue mind I'm villainous
Push bics like Ritalin
Your equilibrium's off track
Ya dribbling
Pump action filling these biter's teeth
Like lead fillings
Hot headed
Stolichnaya with Lenin
And in a minute
Three sheets to the fucking wind again
Amidst the hassles
Avians influence ya
Too many crooks, and not enough castles
Forget shit
Ya know I sent ya a warning
Mass media force feed
And you ignored it
So now ya face the repercussions
Another sucker who's fucking opinion counts for nothing
You run for cover
We read for substance and run from nothing
This Ornament speaks the truth, that's why you love it.




Imperialism it aint no statistic
Inferior visions, imperialistic

Imperialism ain't no statistic admit it
Witness the fitness
Euphemistically close fisting the system
No gimmicks
The shit I spit's for cynics
So listen quick
Convincing the mass of mimics, imperialism is open for business

Au Revoir, gotta close them borders hard and fast
Now the regiment's armed, for this real world drill that'll leave'em scars
It seems that half, of all you fucks believe that farce
But it means that half of you turn your back on the shit they taught in class
Never wanna be another mother fucker that's passing the buck
Run down like a Mac Truck sucker
Gotta take what you read with a grain of salt
And a little bit of class mother fucker
From Martin Place to Wall Street
And we occupy your mind
While the real enemy, creates enemies to propagate online
And now with barriers around Paris
Nefarious calamities are planned
Under the martial panic see?
And it's easy to be pessimistic
Negativity's intrinsic with Imperial systems
This Ornament bears witness
Use these Bitcoins, crowd fund another hit list
Shit, it's so easy to spit
When you know that your shit is legit
There's still fight in this
Don't hide behind the lies of ignorance
Or else you might convince
The lesser minds to follow this


Now slow it down
Their plan surrounds, hammering down
But focus now
The power to stop it is here in our hands
So take a stand
In a minute you'll be thinking it's a passing trend
Truth is my friend
This is only the beginning of a new world end
Ki Fe
Ki to per fe
Mo bize, to keep this shit fair
Nu ale, de ga ze von se
Keeping it moving yeah
And even if the rest are feeling pressure
Up against ya chest, just rest assure
This Ornament will rep for all
Their shameful statements
That the rest regurgitate verbatim
Ya know I never wanna make'em
Feel they won this leg, cuz the victims hate'em
My mind I'm making, up and now I'm shaking
Finding statements
That'll make you hate them as much as I did when I found their intentions were vacant
Fuck that!
I wanna rep it for the rest of all the kids that wanna live instead of being told to...
Fuck that!
I wanna give them all a voice, instead of take away the choice...
So the government can suck that!
I wanna let'em all know that I step on toes with a legion
We don't forgive
We don't forget
Expect us
To be defending your freedom




Well this is my life
I leave ya high and dry lined up in the iron sights
I keep this mother fucker jackknifed
You're overstepping the mark
I dead ya like the Third Reich
Well this is my life
I leave ya and dry lined up in the iron sights
I keep this mother fucker jackknifed
You're overstepping the mark
I'll dead ya like a red light

A mercenary, I'm versing many
Sip the Henny n clip the Remi
Strip the enemy it will defend me
Typical critics are taking me literal
Just listen to the subliminals in my significant intervals
By sippin spirits I'm spiritual
The fact I'm standing's a miracle
And some would say that I'm cynical
It's hard to balance here on the pinnacle, it limits you
But true power doesn't flow from the physical
I snap easy, and it's easy to see
This rap needs me to feed it
The Eucharist of the scene
An Ornament that is just fiend'n to be
Capitalising on the taste of what you all wanna see
That's the real emcee
Strapped with nothing other than
A rubber band, second coming; the son of man
A mother fucker that understands
I'm at my wits end
With Berkowitz on this quills end
Like Son of Sam


Drop vivid lyrics to the meniscus
Villains are on my hit list
With haters that try to spit this
Take stock in the fact you got to witness
My limitless emcee syllabus
That sits me with the infamous
By shiving you I am chivalrous
So mind your own business
I'm taking what I've made and I'm filling this
Scene up with the hype that is infinite
It's missing this
So listen close or you might end up like Icarus
I burn swift you can call me Nano Thermite
You'll learn why these parasites
Tend to kill they're own kind
About time that closed minds, exposed lies
About time that hindsight would give rise
To another form of rap
Where emcees fill a room with goons in two seconds flat
A place where these beats are just on tap
Walls caked with Ironlak
And we spit the illest of boom bap


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