I'm an Ornament
Ordered to destroy and just slaughter them
Cornering dormant emcees
And then deporting them
Ya know I'm warning them
Don't front you aint a fortress
The only time ya hard's your onset of rigor mortis
I contorted this shit
Like the scripts that I'm penning
And certifying like pharmacists flicking the pen again
Original denizen, forged to veteran
I leave the rest of the competition hanging like pendulums
So now they're swinging
Under their breath they're thinking
Wishing they were a part of this movement here
To get'em winning
But it's a fact of life
Ya know it's true in this game
Not everyone that has a voice
Has got something to say
So when I press it out, I stress the truth
I challenge any mother fucker to say that I don't say what I do
I'll even pay for the booth
If you cats have got the balls to spit it
The real force to be reckoned with's
Here to fucking kick it


Now this Ornament's back
Smack you with immaculate tact
And pack syllables into this bag, as if they're Ironlaks
Heart of a lion tracks
Slightly slimmer Gina Rinehart without the sign on my back
I'm mining iron rap
So down to brass tacks
This lyric mechanic's savage
I turn the competition to ashes like a Copperfield vanish
To my advantage
I've got a Han Solo slash Marlon Brando flow
Challenge the status quo
That's the course of the scripture
The force that I'm spitting
Would steady merc Freddy Mercury's Ritalin
Convert dribble to dividends
Vigilant synonyms
The shit I spit's sweet
You'll reach for the insulin
Coincidence? Fuck no!
My word is bond
This militant all along, spat the same structure of song
Remain strong, always true to your element
If you discriminate based on melanin, you've slowed development



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