8:46 and a half the time narrows
Defined arrows of wires detonate these long shadows
Look the world in the eye, tell'em you had no clue
You booked ya fall guy a flight before you bent the truth
We lose ourselves in the raw emotion of it
It's easy to spit at these enemies the media picks
Immediately silence all the disobedient cliques
To pave the way for Military Industrial Complex
Fuck it. Just let it sink in
Notice discrepancies in the gaps between the blinking
How they successfully influenced the way you're thinking
All this to start a war for oil, my heart is sinking
The Devil's in the details
You've slipped up and derailed
World Trade Seven up in smoke like chemtrails
Twenty three minutes prior to when it set sail
Backdrop Manhattan to Staten Island, don't inhale
Because you're breathing lies
Witness the thieving heights
Lengths that people go to
They're sabotaging your human rights
All hope is severed see
When your true enemy's
A father to son
Handing down his terror legacy

They didn't fall for me
They didn't fall for you
They fell for the lies
We're falling for the truth
So read between the lines
And find the real proof
Wrapped up in broken dreams
And hang'em with a fucking noose

You ask why I've written it
Why I commit to it
Upholding the truth
Cuz the current is illegitimate
We use a prism to separate all the bullshit
And shed some light onto this world, where all the fools sit
Just take a look at the ones that paint the canvas
Unburnt passports, while flight recorders vanish
Insider trading, put options feed the savages
Financial benefits, that profit from the damages
And now amidst the truth
There sits a harder proof
Curiosity is the elephant in the fucking room
Ten thousand miles away in Melbourne I would hear'em say
Why would this Ornament concern himself with USA?
Well I'll make this very clear
Whether it is far or near
Pain and loss it propagates
The War on Terror finds us here
And it's the fear that feeds it
My candour turns to slander
Occupy your mind
With something other than the propaganda



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