FACE DOWN ft. Mikoen


Ya drowning in this place now
Face down
In this over saturated wasteland

VERSE (Mikoen)
I flow in my sleep like bed wetters
And keep the heads guessing
Razor sharp clever, raise the bar like I'm bench pressing
Play ya part brethren
Aint lasting ten seconds up against this
Disrespect and get ya neck severed
Next level specialist
Best to get stepping
Vendetta, nah we got it covered like French Dressing
Trend setters getting sliced up like fresh cheddar
Dead set
Best shit you've written was a text message
Penning venom, every letter is a deadly weapon
Just a second in my presence got you feeling threatened
Like a rich kid
Walking round my hood in fresh kicks
Check this
Another sucker with a death wish
Guest list tricks on all four for the industry
Puppet prostitutes and skinny jeans fucking witness me
Drop it like a guillotine
Hijack ya limousine
Rock up at the ARIA's
And murder urban nominees


VERSE (Entropy)
Fuck all these carbon copies
The flow drops monotonous
Blood clots aint stopping this
But it's the only popping bitch
I'm indiscriminate
Spit shit like militant
Fatigue mind I'm villainous
Push bics like Ritalin
Your equilibrium's off track
Ya dribbling
Pump action filling these biter's teeth
Like lead fillings
Hot headed
Stolichnaya with Lenin
And in a minute
Three sheets to the fucking wind again
Amidst the hassles
Avians influence ya
Too many crooks, and not enough castles
Forget shit
Ya know I sent ya a warning
Mass media force feed
And you ignored it
So now ya face the repercussions
Another sucker who's fucking opinion counts for nothing
You run for cover
We read for substance and run from nothing
This Ornament speaks the truth, that's why you love it.



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