...AND ft. One Sixth

VERSE (One Sixth)
The hand styles rugged as a ride in a rickshaw
But fits together smoother than the side of a jigsaw
Puzzling the pieces you delighted to glimpse of
As the iron snake slithers through the lines that are gridlocked
Wide as a pink dot, or skinny as Sixth
Jotted a sketch envisioning the masterpiece on the brink
Of destruction of the mundane
Shine end to end of the tunnel like sunrays
Lush spray until it's buffed grey
And then it's right back to it
A couple whites, black, blue
And a bunch of nice caps
Booze, Montana white, Laks
Sugar and two twenty two mills
Just to provide that boom
Tonight missions under lilac moons
Collages of colours are kind of like a kaleidoscope of dope
We're growing up
But never give the code up
So we gonna stay hitting the Bottle-O up
For a six pack of drinks
And another one for the throw ups bitch


VERSE (Entropy)
Post 9/11 colloquialisms
Backpack is strapped to bomb trains
Maintain our yard position
This name game aint calling no witness
We use the cover of night
To choke this Metro into it's submission
My crew runs deep, like lead poisoning
The boys are poised again
To destroy this train car that you're caught up in
And unlike smack, we never leave tracks
And with this charismatic attack of the carriage we're back
More coverage than Telstra with fat caps
Me and this One Sixth recognise like they're cataracts
And that's a matter fact
So step your game up
Cuz toys get crushed like faces of nosey neighbours
Armed to the teeth with Ironlaks and bad habits
We roll six deep, more Aussie than Black Sabath
I'm an addict to this
My twelve steps are two six packs
So sit back, relax
And let this Ornament relapse
Spray on



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