This is the Ornament

Standing tall for all the peeps that always fall for it

Scratch like keys to the car

Scared like kids in the dark

Snared like beats in a bar



Whether adorning the mantle or in your mind with it

You are required to find it

And stand united with it

Whether you decide to side with it

I can't fight with it

But I will not deny that my design's legit

The hype shit that the media spits is violence

May I remind you at times they've lied to you

I must confide that I aim to revive the truth

With Iron Sights I've proven it

Closed minds don't move with it

Align with it

Your convict roots define vivid

But open minds live it, and rare like diamonds

If it was surmised that Long Shadows would have survived would it

Made more sense if they burned for forth nights?

Could it change your life?

The Pavement's right under foot

Which coincides with Ornamental rhymes

My lyrics

If it was eye to eye, no gimmicks

Would you ever let it just occupy your mind?

Deny limits




We needed freedom

I mean it, we felt defeated

Repeated that Currency was the reason for all the demons

We've traded Eden for credit we're never needing

The Senate threatens your freedom

Cuz treason's easy to feed'em

We're Face Down and we're bleeding

Admit it, know you were cheated

The media and the cynics in bed

They plead you to read it

It's dead

The medium of the cheated

The bread, that feeds the defeated

The reason's so easily fed

Cut throat steez align like Sydney in Siege

Impeding minds to be free

So they believe what they see

Imperialism is just what it seems

Inferior visions of bringing you all to your fucking knees

Graffiti it seems

Succeeded in feeding the needs

Of future leaders, concealed in the message it seeds

Through intravenous feeds

That ought to be what they taught to them

Understand that I adorned them with an Ornament




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