They hold your mind at siege

Led to believe that what is seen on TV, is all that ya need to see

To put ya mind at ease

They feed ya shit, building false lists of innocents to label terrorists

They hold ya mind at siege

Led to believe that freedom of speech is never speaking against the G

To put ya mind at ease

They sacrifice ya privacy for more control, label it security


Their credibility's running thin

From covering the fact that their false flag attack's leaking oil like Baghdad

Another fact's sad, the flag in the window was upside down

Which terrorist couldn't read it now?

Was it the one they'll later find face down?

Or the threaded Armani bearing the weight of the media crowns?

All of these drills, almost twelve months to the day

In the same street, in the same way

Same scenario and plays

Why would this terrorist pick a location that was publicly practiced upon?

It makes no sense they're fucking wasted

Was he a frivolous vagabond?

Or a patsy to the Trojan peloton

That was fed by the stocks, and all the bonds?

Who are they trying to fool

The majority's a step ahead of the hype

Second guessing, check ya read it right

They put a lid on this story to keep it tight

But I might add

This Ornament knows better than that right...



I'll never understand how they can be so under handed

Discrepancies in the story

Weigh it down and crash landed

In Wonderland like Alice

And built a palace made of the lies

Atone by sipping from the chalice, then multiply

A fact they failed to mention

They're producing this anti-terrorist legislation

For the One World new global nation

Expanding detention without any charges

Restricting freedom of movement, association

The bills are just passing

All hinged on the premise that Monis

A forty fold violent felon was stepping

And could get his hands on assault weapons

Managed to make his way up into the CBD

While under this G's watch for terrorist activity

Mandatory data retention for two years

It's here to stay, it's hard to say

But now this message fucking propagates

And it's a proper shame that people had to die

Governmental collateral damage

The price that it pays




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