...AND ft. One Sixth

VERSE (One Sixth)
The hand styles rugged as a ride in a rickshaw
But fits together smoother than the side of a jigsaw
Puzzling the pieces you delighted to glimpse of
As the iron snake slithers through the lines that are gridlocked
Wide as a pink dot, or skinny as Sixth
Jotted a sketch envisioning the masterpiece on the brink
Of destruction of the mundane
Shine end to end of the tunnel like sunrays
Lush spray until it's buffed grey
And then it's right back to it
A couple whites, black, blue
And a bunch of nice caps
Booze, Montana white, Laks
Sugar and two twenty two mills
Just to provide that boom
Tonight missions under lilac moons
Collages of colours are kind of like a kaleidoscope of dope
We're growing up
But never give the code up
So we gonna stay hitting the Bottle-O up
For a six pack of drinks
And another one for the throw ups bitch


VERSE (Entropy)
Post 9/11 colloquialisms
Backpack is strapped to bomb trains
Maintain our yard position
This name game aint calling no witness
We use the cover of night
To choke this Metro into it's submission
My crew runs deep, like lead poisoning
The boys are poised again
To destroy this train car that you're caught up in
And unlike smack, we never leave tracks
And with this charismatic attack of the carriage we're back
More coverage than Telstra with fat caps
Me and this One Sixth recognise like they're cataracts
And that's a matter fact
So step your game up
Cuz toys get crushed like faces of nosey neighbours
Armed to the teeth with Ironlaks and bad habits
We roll six deep, more Aussie than Black Sabath
I'm an addict to this
My twelve steps are two six packs
So sit back, relax
And let this Ornament relapse
Spray on





This is the Ornament

Standing tall for all the peeps that always fall for it

Scratch like keys to the car

Scared like kids in the dark

Snared like beats in a bar



Whether adorning the mantle or in your mind with it

You are required to find it

And stand united with it

Whether you decide to side with it

I can't fight with it

But I will not deny that my design's legit

The hype shit that the media spits is violence

May I remind you at times they've lied to you

I must confide that I aim to revive the truth

With Iron Sights I've proven it

Closed minds don't move with it

Align with it

Your convict roots define vivid

But open minds live it, and rare like diamonds

If it was surmised that Long Shadows would have survived would it

Made more sense if they burned for forth nights?

Could it change your life?

The Pavement's right under foot

Which coincides with Ornamental rhymes

My lyrics

If it was eye to eye, no gimmicks

Would you ever let it just occupy your mind?

Deny limits




We needed freedom

I mean it, we felt defeated

Repeated that Currency was the reason for all the demons

We've traded Eden for credit we're never needing

The Senate threatens your freedom

Cuz treason's easy to feed'em

We're Face Down and we're bleeding

Admit it, know you were cheated

The media and the cynics in bed

They plead you to read it

It's dead

The medium of the cheated

The bread, that feeds the defeated

The reason's so easily fed

Cut throat steez align like Sydney in Siege

Impeding minds to be free

So they believe what they see

Imperialism is just what it seems

Inferior visions of bringing you all to your fucking knees

Graffiti it seems

Succeeded in feeding the needs

Of future leaders, concealed in the message it seeds

Through intravenous feeds

That ought to be what they taught to them

Understand that I adorned them with an Ornament






They hold your mind at siege

Led to believe that what is seen on TV, is all that ya need to see

To put ya mind at ease

They feed ya shit, building false lists of innocents to label terrorists

They hold ya mind at siege

Led to believe that freedom of speech is never speaking against the G

To put ya mind at ease

They sacrifice ya privacy for more control, label it security


Their credibility's running thin

From covering the fact that their false flag attack's leaking oil like Baghdad

Another fact's sad, the flag in the window was upside down

Which terrorist couldn't read it now?

Was it the one they'll later find face down?

Or the threaded Armani bearing the weight of the media crowns?

All of these drills, almost twelve months to the day

In the same street, in the same way

Same scenario and plays

Why would this terrorist pick a location that was publicly practiced upon?

It makes no sense they're fucking wasted

Was he a frivolous vagabond?

Or a patsy to the Trojan peloton

That was fed by the stocks, and all the bonds?

Who are they trying to fool

The majority's a step ahead of the hype

Second guessing, check ya read it right

They put a lid on this story to keep it tight

But I might add

This Ornament knows better than that right...



I'll never understand how they can be so under handed

Discrepancies in the story

Weigh it down and crash landed

In Wonderland like Alice

And built a palace made of the lies

Atone by sipping from the chalice, then multiply

A fact they failed to mention

They're producing this anti-terrorist legislation

For the One World new global nation

Expanding detention without any charges

Restricting freedom of movement, association

The bills are just passing

All hinged on the premise that Monis

A forty fold violent felon was stepping

And could get his hands on assault weapons

Managed to make his way up into the CBD

While under this G's watch for terrorist activity

Mandatory data retention for two years

It's here to stay, it's hard to say

But now this message fucking propagates

And it's a proper shame that people had to die

Governmental collateral damage

The price that it pays



CURRENCY ft. Elf Tranzporter


PRE VERSE (Elf Tranzporter)
Some only seek their revelry in revenue
Till greed envelops everything they say or do
However schooled they never grew to value
All that was brewing upon their local avenue they never knew
VERSE (Entropy)
Wealth reduced to cents, you know it makes no sense
With a tax bracket in parenthesis in present tense
But it seems this sentence is just Heaven sent
Delivering severance as a sequence of events
That prevent the masses from paying the rent
We're maximizing our lives, with fast money
We pass money, through credit cards
To upper class money
With a vicious cycle, no planning
The standard of living's a Phantom
The money you're given's handing
Nothing other than the reckless abandon
The cost of saving someone else is always more than yourself
But it's easy for you to be passing the buck
This Ornament's soul excels
This is the World of dollar signs and fine wines
A place where 9 to 5's rule
Capitalising and keep'em in line
They rule you, they fool you
You know it's true too
It's easy to say, but a little bit harder to choose
To move against the current
But currently, this currency
Is fake like the plastic that it's printed on see
Well you know if I make that, the greed will awake that
One thing I don't got, that's the money
And you know that it's deep down
The pain that it seeps out
The greed that it brings from the money
And you if I make that, the greed will awake that
One thing I don't got, that's the money
And you know some will make it
Some others will take it
But both wanna make all the money
VERSE (Elf Tranzporter)
Some only seek their revelry in revenue
Till greed envelops everything they say or do
However schooled they never grew to value
All that was brewing upon their local avenue they never knew
What's gonna benefit your life you better wake up
Gonna make a difference make you wanna quit you day job
Get up start moving show yourself just what you made of
And opt for the magic more than merely traffic to a grave yard
Say, it’s time we better trim them chains
While the cruel get busy trying to thief our brains
Slavery long gone not even a fool would claim
That we free beyond this rule of insane
Market crash watch it loose then gain
Feel the dollar boost then ooze down drain
Trying to win the game but watch the game change rules
Vying to make illegal even growing our own food
It seems the change we need is overdue
What we dare to bare when a nightmare bares truth
We taking'em down replacing'em till our dreams bare fruit
With the highest self-reliance came a giant break through
What we making, no mistaking
What's at stake 'n' came down
Another breach of human rights so who we blame now?
You’re taking it back to trigger we making a bigger sound loud
D.I.Y. Let fly
Until it’s all lights out!


This is where it was born, and this is where it lives
This is Hip Hop down on the pavement with the chosen kids
No favourite statements, just the flows and beers
No time for posers here
Lyric structure chosen, my opponent fears
Components steer my thoughts to culture of kings
Just what this element brings
The four relevant things
And all the parts of the game that keep the city alive
The T to B's, the B's, the DJ's and the emcess tonight
You know it's more than just the sum of it's parts
When you were feeling it
Dope flows with the sharpest of bars
And paying homage to the homies that passed
That's why this culture will last
We pay respect and permeate every class
So when I point you to the part of the track
That makes the haters pull back
The sentiment that I release to attack
I only ask you just to follow me through
Pursue the truth
Like this emcee's gonna do
When he steps in the booth

Ya never know what ya gonna get until ya got it
So just pop it
Ya never know what ya gonna get until ya got it
So drop some...

Hip to the Hop
Don't stop
Well we drop what we've got
We never stop
It's the Hip to Hop
Don't stop
Well we drop what we've got
Pop'n lock here on the red spot
Hip to the Hop
Don't stop
Well we drop what we've got
We never stop
It's the Hip to Hop
Don't stop
Well we drop what we've got
We never stop


The Holy Grail it aint about the sales and dividends
Ya know it's purveying the rhyme culture
And sailing against
Bucking the trends
Ducking the friends
That wanna shotgun in a Benz
Rather than bumping ya drop they copped from a friend
It's all about the real deal
Spitting truth in ya speel
The captivating appeal
Hip Hop can have to conceal
The simple pressures of life in itself
Hip Hop surrounds
It's alive in yourself
Let's play the hand that we're dealt
For me it's a little more than this
I'm using verbs in accordance with my ordinance
Coordinates, fortunately in front of an audience supporting this
Like Burn City weather I'm an Ornament and storming this
I contort my spit, let me commit
To solicit a lyric, and force ya mind to revisit
The reason why we're even here in the first place
To embrace the music and to get some Hip Hop up in your head space





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